1. Meet your guidance counselor!
  2. Encourage your parents to attend 9th Grade Parent Meeting
  3. Get involved in extracurricular activities! Attend the Club and Activity Fair 
  4. Start your academic path off on a strong note! Establish effective study skills early on. Attend period 9 with teachers as needed and seek out additional academic support from National Honor Society (NHS) tutors. 


  1. Use Naviance during Freshman Focus for personality/interest/learning styles inventories.
  2. Remain organized and manage your time between your academics and activities of involvement (clubs, sports, volunteer work, part-time job, etc.).
  3. Connect with teachers and guidance counselor as needed.
  4. Begin thinking about course scheduling for sophomore year. Select classes that are appropriate for your academic needs and interests.  


  1. Continue to build your academic and extracurricular credentials
  2. Search for summer opportunities--part time employment, volunteer work, summer academic programs, etc. 
  3. End the year academically strong. Prepare for final exams efficiently. Develop a final exam study schedule/outline. Continue to utilize period 9 and NHS tutoring.