1. Place a strong emphasis on your academic work.
  2. Register for Naviance-Family Connection. RHS uses Naviance as our ultimate college search resource.


  1. Continue to focus on your academics.
  2. Carefully select your courses for senior year.
  3. Search the Internet for college, career and financial aid information.
  4. Schedule a college conference with your guidance counselor. Your parents may want to participate in this conference.
  5. Encourage your parents to attend the Junior Parent Meeting. 
  6. Log on to Naviance and complete the College Search. Post/save colleges that you are interested in.


  1. Register for and take the SAT or ACT. 
  2. Register for and take the SAT Subject Test, only if appropriate. Discuss with your guidance counselor. 
  3. Attend the RHS Annual College Night.
  4. Student-athletes playing D1 or D2 sports in college--create profile on NCAA Eligibility Center.
  5. Encourage your parents to attend the Junior Financial Aid Workshop.
  6. Visit college campuses while school is in session.  Our spring recess is a great time to do this. 
  7. Research other post graduation opportunities--gap year, employment, military.
  8. Contact admissions offices for information regarding campus tours and interviews.
  9. Ask two academic teachers for college recommendations.  No official paperwork is required at this time. 
  10. Complete “Recommendation Packet” for your guidance counselor. This will be used to write your college recommendations. 


  1. Visit college websites and view applications for admission and financial aid.
  2. Continue to visit and tour colleges.
  3. Continue with standardized testing. May, June, July, and August test dates available. 
  4. Begin thinking about writing essays.  Use the Common App to begin an essay.
  5. Prepare a resume including community involvement, work, travel, and educational/cultural experiences.
  6. Review “Draft Transcript.”  Contact your guidance counselor with any mistakes.