Distinguished Alumni
RHS Distinguished Alumni

Dr. David Coward
Class of 1952

David Coward received his Bachelor of Engineering Physics from Cornell University and his Ph.D. in Physics from Stanford University. An experimental physicist at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC), he made indispensable contributions to the SLAC-MIT experiments that discovered the quark structure of the proton and neutron. The 1990 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded for this work. As a member of CERN's NA31 Collaboration, he shared the 2005 European Physics Society High Energy and Particle Physics Prize. He is now Physicist Emeritus at Stanford University. Inducted 2008.

Helen Knothe Nearing
Class of 1921

Helen Knothe was an accomplished scholar and violinist who had a passion for Conservation and the simple life. She married Scott Nearing and began writing about and "Living the Good Life" in 1932. Helen published her first book, Living the Good Life in 1954 and in 1979 penned Continuing the Good Life. She is credited with initiating the Back-to-the-Land movement in the late 1960's. Helen and her husband settled on their "Forest Farms" at Cape Rosier, Maine, where their farm was a laboratory for sustainable living. After her death in 1995, The Good Life Center was created at the farm and thrives today with educational programs. Inducted 2008.

Commander Catherine M. Buckley
Class of 1929

Commander Catherine M. Buckley graduated from Ridgewood High School in 1929 and The College of New Rochelle in 1933. She attended Officers Candidate School at Smith College and was commissioned as an ensign as one of the earliest female Naval Officers in U.S. History. She served the nation in World War II and continued her military service during the Korean War. Commander Buckley received several military decorations including the Naval Commendation Medal, National Defense Service Medal, World War II Victory Medal and the Naval Reserve Medal. Commander Buckley's image was used nationwide on a poster as a recruitment tool. Commander Buckley serves as an inspiration to Ridgewood High School students as a result of her extraordinary achievements. Commander Buckley was a pioneer. Inducted 2008

Edwin Walter Hays
Class of 1942

Edwin Walter Hays graduated from Ridgewood High School as a member of the Class of 1942. He excelled as an athlete on the gridiron and baseball diamond. Edwin joined the U.S. Army Air Corps four months after graduating from Ridgewood High School. After receiving his training, he was sent to England where he joined the 95th Bomb Group of the Army's 8th Air Force. Edwin was the tail gunner of the B-17 flying fortress named "Just Elmer's Tune." His plane was shot down by Germans on February 24, 1944, and Edwin became a prisoner of war and was taken to Stalag Luft 6 in East Prussia. On May 13, 1945, Edwin and his comrades were released and transported back to the United States. Edwin Hays is a Ridgewood hero. His courage and perseverance serve as an extraordinary role model for our students. Many call him the All American Boy who provided us with a lesson in courage. Inducted 2008.

Chris Economaki
Class of 1938

Chris Economaki is a legendary Motorsports commentator, Pit Road reporter and journalist. He started his illustrious career at age 13, selling copies of National Speed Sport News newspapers. He began his writing career with a column called "The Editor's Notebook" which he still authors more than 50 years later. He became a track announcer at a number of major races and is regarded as the Dean of American Motorsports. Mr. Economaki covered most of the "ABC Wide World of Sports" motor sports events and after 23 years switched to CBS. He was inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame in America in 1994. Inducted 2008.
Charles L. Brown
Class of 1939

Charles L. Brown was a graduate of the Class of 1939. After high school he attended the University of Virginia in 1943 with a degree in electrical engineering. He honorably served in the U.S. Navy during World War II aboard the Battleship U.S.S. Mississippi, where he was discharged in 1946 as a Lieutenant. After leaving the military, he joined AT&T Long Lines Department in Hartford, Connecticut. He worked at AT&T for more than 40 years, serving as Chairman and CEO from 1979 to 1986. The University of Virginia characterized Charles Brown as a person who exemplified Jeffersonian ideals as an ethical, intelligent, and creative leader. Inducted 2008.
Sonny Igoe
Class of 1939

Sonny Igoe, who was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, started playing the drums when he was only five years old, and at age sixteen he won the first Gene Krupa drum contest held on the East Coast. During World War II, while serving four years in the Marine Corps, Sonny advanced his entertainment experience by playing in countless U.S.O. tours and shows.

In 1946, Sonny played with the Ina Ray Hutton Orchestra; in 1948 and 1949 with the celebrated "King of Swing" Benny Goodman; and from 1950-1953 he performed with another renowned clarinet  player, Woody Herman and his Herd.

After a brief stay with the NBC Television Orchestra, Mr. Igoe joined the CBS Television Orchestra, where he remained until 1968, during which time he played for every major TV & Radio show. Among the more notable Variety Shows he performed on during the Golden Age of Television Musical/Variety shows were The Ed Sullivan Show, the Garry Moore Show, the Jackie Gleason Show and Candid Camera. Inducted 2008.

Gordon 'Whitey' Mitchell
Class of 1949

From an early calling in New York as a Big Band/Jazz Musician and Recording Artist, to a successful career as a Hollywood Screenwriter, Gordon 'Whitey' Mitchell has written for such hit televisions shows as Get Smart, All in the Family, The Jeffersons, The Odd Couple, Good Times, The Bob Hope Show, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Mork & Mindy, and many more. As a musician, he's played with Benny Goodman, Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Andre Previn, Mel Torme, and many others.

Whitey has released a CD of his work, entitled "Just in Time" and he has also published two books: Star Walk: A Guide to the Palm Springs Walk of Stars and Hackensack to Hollywood: My Two Show Business Careers, which is his autobiography. Inducted 2008.
 Thelma Schoonmaker
 Class of 1957

Thelma Schoonmaker has been working in the film industry for over thirty years and is one of the greatest living film makers. She is a three-time Academy Award winning film editor and she is the "editor of choice" for Martin Scorsese, having edited every one of his films since Raging Bull. She won Oscars for her work on Raging Bull, The Aviator, and The Departed. Ms. Schoonmaker could be considered a pioneer in the world of films, having gained high respect in an industry dominated by men. Inducted 2008.

 Dr. Peter Kim, Ph.D.
 Class of 1975

Peter Kim received his A.B. from Cornell University and his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Stanford University. In 2003, Dr. Kim was a renowned professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology when he was appointed president of Merck's Research Laboratories. Kim, who has always been interested in treating disease, is recognized as a brilliant scientist. His main interest has been in the structure and function of proteins, the building blocks of all living things and the starting point of the majority of drugs. Inducted 2008.
 Jennifer Klot
 Class of 1982

Jennifer Klot has devoted her career to addressing the political security and development dimensions of HIV/AIDS, child rights, and gender issues through her work with the United Nations and with a wide range of non-governmental organizations in the U.S. and South Africa. She is a Senior Advisor for the Social Science Research Council in New York, where she is responsible for directing two major global research initiatives on HIV/AIDS and on Gender and Security. Ms. Klot has worked tirelessly to advance women's human rights for twenty years and she has served at the United Nations for ten years. Inducted 2008.
Kim Ng
Class of 1986

Kim Ng graduated as a member of the Class of 1986. After graduating Ridgewood High School she attended the University of Chicago where she studied Economics and Public Policy. She anchored the University of Chicago's Softball Team and was a star player. After graduating the University of Chicago, she served as an intern with the Chicago White Sox. After five years with the White Sox, Ng became an Assistant General Manager with the New York Yankees in a male-dominated position. After eight years with the New York Yankees, she was recruited to be the Assistant General Manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Kim Ng is a role model for all young females. She is paving the way for female leaders in major league baseball. Kim is an inspiration to leaders of bother genders. Inducted 2008.

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