From the Desk of Dr. Thomas A. Gorman:

Graduation Details Letter II
Each week, we find ourselves with updated information and rules regarding this fluid pandemic situation.

Graduation Details Letter I
The Ridgewood High School graduation is an important community tradition and a milestone for seniors. 

Senior Events Letter II
This weekend, in honor of the Ridgewood High School Class of 2020, the RHS Alumni Association showed their support for the seniors by hanging personalized banners throughout town.

Senior Banners
One of the primary goals of the Ridgewood Alumni Association is to enhance the overall experience of existing students.  

Senior Events Letter I
Senior year is one to be cherished and make lasting memories with friends and loved ones.

Principal's Q3 Newsletter
POSITIVE MESSAGES FROM THE COMMUNITY: "I wanted to drop a note to say thank you!"

Vape Detectors
As recently as five years ago, 90% of RHS students surveyed revealed that they never used tobacco products. 

Principal's Q2 Newsletter
Change is the one constant in life.  Last quarter, we shared all the wonderful results of the changes we have implemented over the past eight years. 

Principal's Q1 Newsletter
We have accomplished much over the past several years. Although there have been many changes to the schedule, curricula, lessons, and building, we have seen positive results...

Summer Letter
I hope you are enjoying your time away from school and having a fun and relaxing summer. Our custodians, maintenance crews, secretaries, administrators, and summer faculty have been working hard to prepare the school for another successful start...