From the Desk of Dr. Thomas A. Gorman

Parent/Guardian Letters

Q1, 2017-18 Letter
Recently, our school and community have been going through a very difficult time.  It is unfortunate that so many children and adults have misused social media and made many inflammatory comments.

Important Message From Dr. Gorman
Two weekends ago, a serious situation occurred involving Ridgewood High School students that is still being investigated by the high school administration and Ridgewood Police Department.  

Summer Letter 2017
Our custodians, maintenance crews, secretaries, administrators, and summer faculty have been working hard to prepare the school for another successful start.  Because we have accomplished so much over the past few years...


Fundraising Testimony 
February 6, 2017 – 
Last week, the NJ Senate and Assembly held separate hearings on school funding. As part of those hearings Dr. Thomas Gorman, principal of Ridgewood High School gave testimony before the Assembly Committee on Education...