Activities & Clubs
9th Grade Math Team - Truncale
The 9th Grade Math Team is an academic team open to 9th graders who have an interest in mathematics and developing their problem-solving skills. The team participates in math contests at a statewide and national level, and typically meets after school. Students on the 9th Grade Math Team are able to participate in contests given by the upperclassmen Math Teams as well.

A Cappella Groups - Bourque
The RHS A Cappella Program features four contemporary a cappella ensembles: two all-male groups, the Maroon Men and East 627, and two all-female groups, the AcaBellas and the Trebles. The AcaBellas and Maroon Men are directed by Mr. Bourque, RHS Choir Director and the Trebles and East 627 are directed by local singer and vocal instructor Ms. Sally Ann Tumas. Auditions for all four groups happen in the fall and both groups rehearse on Tuesday and Friday mornings at 7:00am. The groups have numerous performance opportunities throughout the school year. In order to participate in these ensembles, a student must be enrolled in an RHS performing ensemble.

Anime Club - Kott RHS

Anime Club is a place where people share their love of anime, a Japanese style of film and animation, and discover new stories every week. With a tightly-nit community, the Anime Club aims to introduce students to some of the most interesting and diverse stories of all time. Whether you prefer murder mysteries, psychological thrillers, action-packed shows, or slice of life, Anime club has a show for you. We meet every Wednesday in Room 393. Come on by!

Armenian Club – Chamesian

Armenian Club meets once a week during Unit Lunch. Students gather to discuss Armenian culture, heritage and history, led by student presentation and followed by informal group discussion. Meetings typically include trivia games and Armenian snacks! The club is also working on projects to raise awareness of Armenian culture and heritage within Ridgewood High School and the community at large.

Asian Festival - Kirtane
Asian Festival is a unique, student-led celebration of Asian cultures. From club fair to the Potluck celebration to the Festival, students enjoy and work together to choreograph and perform as well as design and showcase the traditional and modern cultures of various countries in Asia. Club activities culminate in a school-wide Asian Festival and a community-wide Benefit, two days of performances and decorations representing Asian Cultures. The celebration also involves a popular Asian food luncheon provided by involved students. Any student is encouraged to join this fun activity and no prior experience is necessary.

Astronomy Club - Shah
 Astronomy Club was created for students to be able to share their passions with peers, further their knowledge, and engage in exciting outdoor activities. These will include trips to observatories, stargazing parties, and watching space phenomena like meteor showers and eclipses. This club appeals to any student who shares an interest in the study of space and exploring the unknown. Our in-school club meetings, taking place once a month, will consist of watching documentaries, discussing new space discoveries, and planning our outdoor events.

Badminton Club – Kay
Meeting at lunchtime 2-3 times per week in Gym 1. Teams will play doubles and take part in divisional games and then compete in a single elimination tournament. This year there are 3 divisions of 18 teams competing, a total of 108 students. The club has its own classroom page where regular announcements are made and the game schedule is posted. Teams will play only 1-2 games of one set (first to 21 points) per week so the commitment level is not so overwhelming for those students who like to study during lunch time or who belong to other clubs.

Big Band - Fink
The RHS Big Band is one of two jazz ensembles at RHS. The Big Band plays a variety of styles of popular music, focusing on jazz, but including Latin, Rock and funk. The Big Band rehearses once a week from November through May, and gives performances monthly from February through May. Auditions for the Big Band are held in early November.

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Biology Academic Team - Joseph
Biology Academic Team, along with the Chemistry and Physics Academic Teams, are part of the New Jersey Science League. In this league, students compete against other members around the state of New Jersey by taking tests in various science disciplines. In Biology team, student members meet weekly during Unit Lunch to practice for these tests and hone their skills. Competitions are held once per month from January through April on different topics within the field of Biology. Students’ tests are scored and the top 2 scores from each competition make up our team score which is ranked amongst other competing teams in the state of New Jersey. All students presently taking introductory Biology (not AP level) are eligible to join.

Brass Ensemble - Luckenbill
Is open to any RHS brass player currently registered as a full-time member of an RHS performance class (Band, Choir, Orchestra). Brass Ensemble rehearses on a weekly basis, usually during lunch, depending on student availability and runs from November through May with performances in February and May. The ensemble focuses on the development of ensemble skills and brass pedagogy through performance of brass ensemble compositions.

Cambodia Club - Nolan
Students in the Ridgewood Public Schools have been raising money and awareness to support our sister school, the Ridgewood Village School, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia since 2007. The mission is to galvanize support for the people in Cambodia, where genocide occurred in the 1970's. The club is dedicated to improving opportunities for the youth and rural poor in Cambodia through education. Every year, it pays the salary of one Cambodian teacher.

Chemistry Team – Kay
The RHS Chemistry Team participates in the New Jersey Science League. Weekly meetings are held from November through April. At these meetings, we prepare for league-sponsored exams. The science league awards plaques and certificates for high-performing students. Open for students taking their first year of Chemistry

Chinese Club – Lee
Our club is seeking to promote the awareness and understanding of various Chinese cultures by doing different cultural activities and reaching out to school/Chinese community to provide support. Students with interests in exploring Chinese cultures and willing to provide supports are all welcome.

Clarinet Ensemble - Luckenbill
Open to any RHS clarinet player currently registered as a full-time member of an RHS performance class (Band, Choir, Orchestra). Clarinet Ensemble rehearses on Wednesday afternoons from November through May with performances in February and May. The group focuses on the development of ensemble skills and clarinet pedagogy through performance of compositions written for the clarinet family of instruments.

Club exCELL - Wood
Club exCELL is for students who want to develop their leadership skills by participating in learning opportunities and then sharing their knowledge with others. The students are committed to their own growth as well as making an impact in their local community.

Dance Company – Landa
The RHS Dance Company is a club that welcomes anyone with an interest in dance, regardless of experience. Students meet weekly to share technique, choreography and ideas. Student leaders choreograph dances on their peers for performances in the Celebration of the Arts and the Spring Dance Concert.

Dance Team - Musso
The RHS Dance Team prides itself on learning from each other and unity among its team members. Each dancer is an integral part of the team and has the opportunity to showcase their talents through choreography which is developed by members of the team and then performed. A crowd favorite, RHS Dance Team is often asked to perform at school events such as Varsity Basketball games, Winter/Spring Dance Concerts, and Celebration of the Arts.

DECA – Mendez
A co-curricular organization which allows students currently enrolled (Fall or Spring Semester) in an approved business education class (finance is not approved) to take the skills and knowledge learned in the classroom and compete in a series of competitions. All preparation for DECA is done during your business class, at unit lunch, or at optional night time prep nights. Students compete at regional, states, and national competitions through test-taking, role play scenarios, business papers, and presentations.

Finance Club - Monahan
The Finance Club meets during unit lunch once a week to discuss the state of the US and global economy. Although sophomores have the option of participating in the Euro Challenge competition, the primary focus of the club is preparation for participation in the Fed Challenge. The team travels to the Federal Reserve Bank of NY for training, and again to make initial presentations. If the team makes the semi-finals of the competition, they return to the Fed for a full day of presentations as they compete to win the competition. Although there is no prerequisite for joining the club, the members are typically veterans of finance, business, accounting, and/or economics courses.

Flute Ensemble - Luckenbill
Open to any RHS flute player currently registered as a full-time member of an RHS performance class (Band, Choir, Orchestra). Flute Ensemble rehearses on Wednesday afternoons from November through May with performances in February and May. The group focuses on the development of ensemble skills and flute pedagogy through performance of compositions written for the flute family of instruments.

French Club - Palumbo
The French Club at Ridgewood High School is open to all students who wish to explore the French culture. A multitude of topics are discussed such as: geography, cuisine, travel, music, etc. The French Club meets on every other Tuesday.

Game Club - Alvarez
We play a variety of card games, and board games (e.g., Jenga, Battleship, Connect Four). Game Club is open to suggestions and playing new games. Students get to know each other and have a good time. Game Club meets weekly.

Gay Straight Alliance – Soucy
Student run club that provides a safe and inclusive space for high school students of every sexuality, gender identity and expression. Participants socialize, discuss and engage in activities that address issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community and create a platform to ameliorate these problems. The door is always open for people wanting to be educated on such topics as well as those with perspective and information to share.

German Club - Parks The German Club is open to all students with an appreciation and interest in German culture. Students have the opportunity to meet and organize activities for German Exchange students, as well as participate in social activities related to German.

Global Classroom Club - McDonald
The Global Classroom Club is part of an international organization. We spend the year doing research on a particular educational topic supplied by one of the countries that are a member of this international movement. Selected members of the club then travel to that host school and presents their findings at the Global Classroom Conference. The countries involved in this organization are Australia, New Zealand, The Czech Republic, Germany, The Shetland islands, Sweden, South Africa, and Ridgewood High School.

High School Democrats of America - Zaino
"High School Democrats of America (HSDA) is a nationwide network of members who are dedicated to active political engagement. Our goal is to advance the ideals of the Democratic Party and to engage the public in being active members of the American political system. We do this through political discussion and assisting nominees at the local, state, and national level."

High Times - Brunner
The Ridgewood High School High Times Newspaper is a student led and run newspaper that represents the news topics that are important to the student body of RHS. Through monthly publications, both online and in print, the High Times strives to be an open forum for student discussion and young journalism. All student writers are welcome to attend monthly meetings during unit lunch on the first Monday of each month.

Homework Helpers Club - Ferreri
Students participating in the HW Helpers clubplan and execute a series of after school homework sessions for Ridge Elementary School students. Visits by participating members vary based upon high school student interest and elementary school student need. The club is looking to expand its reach beyond Ridge to some other Ridgewood elementary schools in the future.

Independent Film Club - Bernardo
The Film Club meets weekly to watch and discuss movies, with a definite emphasis on independent or smaller studios. Each week, the club will either be watching a movie, discussing what we thought of the previous movie, or trying to come up with suggestions to watch next. Some weeks we watch short films - particularly those nominated for various awards at festivals or Oscars. For students interested in movies, particularly hoping to broaden and explore both 'classics' and newer, more off-beat films, it's a nice place to meet up with like-minded students each week.

Japan Club - Ferreri
The Japan club has undergone two iterations to accommodate the initial two sets of RHS students who participated in a pair of summer trips to Japan. Last year, the club prepared for their July, 2016 trip to Japan by researching and discussing Japanese culture, visiting a local Japanese eatery, and corresponding with host families from Takamatsu High School. This year the club has prepared for a visit by students from Takamatsu High School scheduled for March, 2017.

Latin Academic Team - Gigante
The Latin Academic Team is an organization of Latin students of all levels who compete against other students from other schools at various points through the year. Students will train with the advisor, honing their skills in Roman mythology, culture, history, and Latin language knowledge. Students answer questions both individually and as a team, operating at the following levels of Latin: I, II, and Upper Level.

Latin Club - Lucci
The Latin Club provides an opportunity for RHS Latin students of all levels to come together outside of class and express their enthusiasm for ancient Greek and Roman history, mythology, and culture. Activities include discussing famous classical myths and recent archaeological finds, watching Greek- and Roman-themed movies like Gladiator, Spartacus, and Clash of the Titans, and celebrating noteworthy Roman events, such as the Saturnalia and the Ides of March.

Literary Magazine (Genesis) - Hans
Genesis: Into the Wood is Ridgewood High School’s literary arts magazine, which publication was in print up until 2012-2013. Since then the RHS Literary Arts Magazine has had an online presence. The goal, however, is to publish in both mediums, and to this end has begun to synthesize writings from 2013 to the present in a hard copy print edition titled: Genesis: Rewind to be printed this summer. Genesis meets twice a month for the purposes of addressing organizational matters as publication and fund raising. In addition to these meetings, the magazine conducts monthly writing workshops to inspire students to write. All meetings and events take place in 248, unless otherwise noted.

Marching Band - Luckenbill
A competitive fall activity in which students in grades 9-12 develop aspects of leadership, discipline, and musicianship in a large group setting. The Marching Band season begins with a week of training during mid August, including a six day Band Camp in upstate New York. Once school begins, the band rehearses on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The Marching Band performs at all home football games and at several local, regional and national competitions. Musicians in the marching band must be enrolled as full-time members of an RHS performance class (Band, Choir, Orchestra), while any RHS student may audition for membership in the color guard.

Maroon & White Recital Series - Haas
An avenue for solo classical music performance made available to advanced student musicians through a competitive audition held in the fall of each school year. If selected, student musicians perform on one of five after school recitals held in the Learning Commons during the winter and spring. The Maroon & White Series is a time-honored tradition at Ridgewood High School, dating back to 1964. Students interested in auditioning for a Maroon & White Recital must attend the information meeting in September.

Maroon and White Exhibitions – Conforth
A prestigious and honored tradition, the Maroon and White Exhibitions are held in conjunction with the music and dance performances. Any student who is enrolled in one or more RHS visual arts classes may submit portfolios of their artwork. The RHS Art faculty will select for exhibition those students they feel have achieved a high level of artistic accomplishment. Students may submit applications and examples of their artwork in September. A portfolio should contain at least 5 or more works in any medium. The group shows, generally consisting of five to six artists, open on a Thursday in the month, and artwork is typically displayed for 2 weeks.

Math Academic Team/Math Club - Gattoni and Turkington
Offers an opportunity for interested students to participate in individual and occasional team competitions in mathematics covering topics from Algebra 1 through Precalculus. Competitions include Bergen County Math League, New Jersey Math League, the AMTNJ Contest, AMC, and AIME. Many of the competitions are held at RHS.

Mock Trial - Hans
Mock Trial is a Moot Court Competition that initiates at the County level and then moves through State and National competitions. Each year 30 high schools compete in a single elimination format at the Bergen County Courthouse where they conduct a mock trial that takes them from opening to closing arguments, which bookend the direct and cross examinations of their respective witnesses. Practicing attorneys are the judges. Students are responsible for preparing their oral arguments as well as drafting their lines of questioning. Appropriate courtroom demeanor is required. The cases are tried in January and February of every year in the evening hours. Mock Trial welcomes all who are interested in the law, public speaking, and like the challenge of having to think quickly on your feet.

Model Congress – Chamesian
Model Congress meets once a week during Unit Lunch. The club is a simulation of actual United States Congressional, Supreme Court, and National Security Council sessions. Each week, one student presents a bill that is debated by elected officials in the US Senate and House of Rep. Students debate the pros and cons of the bill, ultimately deciding if they would like to pass the bill or make any amendments. Students represent the viewpoints of states and party members of their choice, and also have the freedom to share their personal opinions.

National Art Honor Society – Conforth
The National Art Honor Society strives to inspire and recognize students who have shown outstanding ability in art, bring art to the attention of the school and the community, and increase an awareness of art in relation to other areas of the school curricula. Membership in this chapter is be based upon art scholarship, service, and character. To be eligible for selection to membership, the candidate must be enrolled in or completed at least one semester of art at RHS. An eligible candidate must have a minimum art scholarship average of B. Members are required to attended regular weekly meetings, organize, and participate in fund-raising events and projects, such as the painted pumpkin sale and mural projects.

National French Honor Society - Polk
The National French Honor Society (La Société Honoraire de Français) is a society that recognizes the cumulative academic accomplishments of students currently enrolled in Levels 3 and above. The criteria to be considered eligible for this society is at least an "A-" in French and at least a "B-" in all other courses, according to our sponsoring organization, the American Association of Teachers of French. Students are notified in April of their acceptance.

National Honor Society - Tretola
The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to recognize those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Ridgewood High School's chapter works hard to bring the accomplishments of our outstanding students to the attention of parents, teachers, peers, and the community. No student is inducted simply because of high academic average. The Ridgewood High School chapter strives to recognize the total student, one who excels in scholarship, service, leadership and character.

National Technical Honor Society - Kunzle
Membership in the Society and the local NTHS Chapter shall be composed of students enrolled in workforce education programs such as Ridgewood Academy for Health Professions (RAHP) or Career Pathways in Medicine (CPM). Students qualify for membership according to the regulations of the Society and the local NTHS Chapter. Membership is based on participation in career exploration through the respective programs, academic performance and community service.

Peer Counselors (Freshmen F.O.C.U.S.) - Maye
Freshmen F.O.C.U.S. is designed to assist ninth graders as they enter Ridgewood High School. Activities have been planned to ease the immediate transition to a new building and academic setting. This program will also provide the opportunity for students to address the issues of personal development that all adolescents face through these important four years. The goal of Freshmen F.O.C.U.S. is to provide a solid foundation and immediate sense of community that strives to enhance the academic and personal success for each student.

Physics Team – Mitchell
The RHS Physics Team participates in the New Jersey Science League. Weekly meetings are held from November through April. At these meetings, we prepare for league-sponsored exams. The science league awards plaques and certificates for high-performing students. Open for students taking their first year of Physics

Pizza Club - Bernardo
Pizza Club is a social club with a definite purpose: to find the best pizza in town! Although we do not meet every week, the club tries to meet at least twice a month to pick pizzerias and have a tasting. First, we define a 'rubric' for best pizza, and then we pick the pizzerias and taste them. At the end of the year, we strive to have a taste-off to crown the best pizza in the Ridgewood area. It's a large club with a membership of both students and teachers and is a great opportunity to get to know students across the school.

Programming Club – Gigante
The Programming Club provides a platform for coders at various levels to collaborate and learn. Members of the club include people who have never coded before and would like to learn, as well as people who have been coding for many years. Members work together on projects and use each other as resources for learning new material.

Project Interact - Reilly and Feeney
The club motto is "Service Above Self". The club provides an opportunity to participate in fun and meaningful service projects while developing leadership skills and meeting new friends. Through service activities, “Interactors” learn the importance of: developing leadership skills and personal integrity, demonstrating helpfulness and respect for others, advancing international understanding and goodwill. Project Interact works with the local Rotary Clubs.

Quiz Bowl – Roche
An academic trivia competition in which upon given a series of clues describing a concept, belief, literary or artistic work, notable historical figure, or just about anything else under the sun, two teams compete head-to-head to be the quickest to figure out who or what the clues are referring to. In our tri-weekly practices, the RHS Quiz Bowl team deepens their understanding of everything from Nietzschean philosophy to atomic electronegativity. All this practicing pays off in the myriad of tournaments we attend, ranging from casual scrimmages, to the National History Bee and Bowl in Washington DC. RHS Quiz and History Bowl provides something for everyone, whether endeavoring to hone their academic skills, or just looking for a tight-knit group of friends united by a common interest.

RHS Carolers - Bourque
The RHS Carolers is a club that is open to any student enrolled in an RHS performing ensemble. The Carolers are a community service based ensemble that rehearse from October through December and perform seasonal music at various local events during the winter/holiday season including Downtown for the Holidays and the Valley Hospital Tree Lighting. The group is directed by Mr. Bourque, RHS Choir Director.

RHS Jazz Lab - Haas
One of two jazz ensembles at RHS. The primary focus of the Jazz Lab is to introduce jazz ensemble music to students with limited experience playing in a jazz style. Students learn to play in a variety of styles ranging from swing to Latin to rock and funk. The Jazz Lab rehearses once a week from November through May, and gives performances monthly from February through May. Students who are registered for a music performance class are eligible to audition for the Jazz Lab. Auditions for the Jazz Lab are held in early November.

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RHS Percussion Ensemble - Fink
The RHS Percussion Ensemble plays music for percussion instruments only. Members do not need to be percussionists, but need to have good rhythmic skills. The Percussion Ensemble rehearses once a week from late November through May. The Percussion Ensemble performs 2 concerts at RHS (Winter and Spring) and participates in a Percussion Festival outside of the school. Auditions for the group are held in Early November.

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RHS Pit Orchestra - Fink
The RHS Pit Orchestra performs for the New Players Spring Musical, usually in mid-March. The pit orchestra is made up of advanced music students who play the professional arrangements used in Broadway productions. Students get to experience what it is like to perform for a professional theatre production. The pit orchestra rehearses once a week starting in late December until production week, and than every night during production week. Auditions are held in November and December.

Saxophone Ensemble - Luckenbill
Open to any RHS saxophone player currently registered as a full-time member of an RHS performance class (Band, Choir, Orchestra). Saxophone Ensemble rehearses on Wednesday afternoons from November through May with performances in February and May. The group focuses on the development of ensemble skills and saxophone pedagogy through performance of compositions written for the saxophone family of instruments.

Science Competitions – Kay
RHS Science Competitions Club offers opportunities for students to compete in organized science competitions. Some examples include ACS Chemistry Olympiad, TSA TEAMs Engineering competition, USA Biology Olympiad, F=ma Physics Olympiad. The club welcomes suggestions and is open to all students.

Sharing the Arts Club – Landa
Sharing the Arts is a non-profit performing arts program for individuals with mild to moderate developmental delays, including chromosomal abnormalities, Asperger's, genetic anomalies and other developmental delays. Their mission is to enhance the lives of individuals with special needs through the performing arts. The Sharing the Arts Club at RHS is a collaboration between the high school volunteers and the STA students in which they work on all aspects of putting on a production leading up to a full production of a musical.

Ski Club – Bunzey
The RHS ski/snowboard club goes to Mount Creek on 5 consecutive Tuesday evenings in January and February. Our chartered bus leaves RHS at 3:30pm and returns at 10:15 pm. If you enjoy skiing and/or snowboarding, this is the club for you.

Social Place – Batista
The Social Place brings together RHS mentors and Ridgewood school children who have social challenges due to high functioning Autism, Asperger’s, Chromosomal Disorders, ADHD/ADD or similar developmental delays. Mentors meet with club advisors to discuss logistics of upcoming activities, strategies for promoting social skills, handling behaviors and communication challenges. Consistent attendance at meetings and events is crucial to building the relationships with the children. Mentors participate alongside the children at each event encouraging participation, drawing out conversation and building friendship among the children. Above all, The Social Place provides an opportunity for children to have fun during typical activities that they might not otherwise participate in.

Spanish Club – Purrinos
The Spanish Club is dedicated to bringing cultural awareness outside of the classroom to students who are passionate about the language and the culture. Furthermore, the club offers opportunities for honing verbal skills with students from various levels.

STEM Club - Kornemann
STEM is an acronym that stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics”. In this club, students participate in a variety of hands on activities and engage in inquiry based projects. These projects and activities are designed to facilitate exploration within the scope of STEM.

Stock Market Game - Maye
What would you do if you were given $100,000? Would you spend it all at once? Would you think about putting some of it in the bank? We’d like to teach you how to invest it, so you might grow it. Through The Stock Market Game (SMG), you will gain a fundamental understanding of investing and how you might get your money to work for you.

String Ensemble - Geronimo
String Ensemble is open to students who play violin, viola, cello, or bass. Small ensembles are arranged throughout the school year for a variety of performing opportunities, including Downtown for the Holidays and RHS Small Ensemble Concerts. Rehearsal times are TBA. Open to students currently enrolled in a curricular music ensemble at RHS.

Students for Environmental Action - Caldwell
The Students for Environmental Action Club is dedicated to promoting ideas about sustainability and how we can protect our planet. The club organizes the Earth Day Celebration at Ridgewood High School, and facilitates guest speakers and activities to help teach our community about how to be more "green" in our daily lives. The club also takes field trips to elementary schools to share information with children about the environment, participates in Super Science Saturday and community events, and works with other clubs at the school to ensure events and activities are as "green" as they can be. Finally, the club is always expanding, and looking at ways to earn grants for funding sustainability projects at RHS.

Support Our Troops - Reilly
Is a club that wants to do good things for their troops. The purpose of the club is to strengthen the morale and well-being of the current military service members and their families. We have supported former RHS graduates and staff family members who have joined the military by sending cards, blankets and candy to show them we care.

Teen LEADS – Musso
RHS Teen LEADS is a civic engagement and leadership development program, based upon the Volunteer Center of Bergen County's highly successful adult program, Bergen LEADS. The main objective of Teen Leads is to provide students with the opportunity to learn about local public policies and the role of leadership in the local community. Throughout the course of the year, the members of Teen Leads research a local issue and then collaborate to develop a solution. They present their findings to a panel of community leaders at the end of the year.

Tri-M Music Honor Society - Geronimo
Tri-M Music Honor Society is designed to recognize students for their academic and musical achievements and to provide leadership and service opportunities to young musicians. To be eligible for membership, a student must complete a service requirement, maintain a B average in their music classes, a B average in all of their academic courses, be presently enrolled in a curricular music ensemble (with the exception of pianists and guitarists), and be recommended for membership by their school's music faculty.

Video Game club – Ferenczi and Troy
Video Game club offers kids an opportunity to come eat lunch, watch and/or play video games. The games played are voted on at the previous meeting and all are welcomed to join in the fun. The club owns an X-Box & Wii gaming system and kids can bring in games to add to the list of options. The Club is run on Tuesday & Thursday during unit lunch in room 202 by Ms. Ferenczi & Mr. Troy.

Winter Guard - Luckenbill
A competitive winter activity similar to the color guard of the Marching Band, except the performances take place indoors using recorded music. The Winter Guard creates a visual representation of the music that incorporates dance movements while spinning flags, batons, rifles, and sabres. Winter Guard rehearses 3 times a week (M/W/Sat) from November to April and performs at competitions throughout the tri-state region.

Women Empowering Women - Hans
This is a student initiated club began by students who wanted to help others less fortunate than themselves. To this day, students come together once a month to discuss and put a plan into action to raise money for Shelter Our Sisters, through cake and wrapping paper sales that will provide clothing and necessary items from the organization’s “wish lists” to needy mothers and their children. In addition, students have participated in various events in support of battered and needy women and their families in all parts of the world to give them voice, support and aide.

Woodworking Club – Mitchell
The Woodworking Club welcomes anyone interested in working with wood and doing projects such as making toys and games, making furniture, wood carving, wood turning, jig saw work, intarsia (making pictures with various woods), shelves, and things around the house. All skill levels are welcome, even those who have never used a tool.

World Challenge Club - Farrar
The World Challenge club is composed of students scheduled to go on expedition with World Challenge. During meetings students discuss fundraising activities, explore the destination and plan group bonding activities. There are general meetings as well as small group meetings with the teachers leading the groups.

Yearbook Club - Valenti
Yearbook club works in conjunction with the yearbook staff to develop and create the two yearbook publications. Students will process images, take photographs, layout pages, write and edit interviews, review, sort and organize materials and much more. The club meets bi-weekly at first, as there is not a lot of material to work with in the beginning, and then meets weekly as the books are further into production.